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Pukka Pure Chai in South Africa since 1979

Instant Pukka Chai Tea was first introduced as Holotropic Pukka Chai in South Africa 39 years ago. PUKKA PURE continued the tradition in 2013.

The three business partners made changes to the formula and extended the distribution, which made PUKKA PURE Pukka Chai Tea the most successful instant Chai Tea in the country today.

The recipe was brought to South Africa by Dee in 1979. During her wide travels in India, this artist and researcher on therapeutic herbs and spices, became fascinated by the many regional chai recipes and began collecting treasured family formulas.



The history of Masala Chai Tea dates back to the Vedic period in Indian history (1500 – 500 BC).
Ayurvedic traditions, the ancient Indian science of health and medicine, are based on the attainment and preservation of wellness.

Therapies are built on the active working of natural substances. Complex herbal compounds utilize selected roots, leaves, fruits, bark and seeds.
Ayurvedic healers were the first to discover the immense health benefits of aromatic spices when taken in the form of an infusion.
And thus, Masala Chai Tea was the natural outcome of this philosophy. (In Hindi Masala means ‘mixed spice’ and chai means tea.)

Due to Western merchants travelling through India it resulted in the growth of popularity across Asia and to the West.

Throughout countless regions in India, age-old family Chai Tea recipes are greatly treasured. Chai researchers
indicate that there are thousands of different permutations. Of all these, many chai connoisseurs believe that the
subtler chai recipes of the Punjab are more closely representative of original forms.

Our Pukka Chai Tea recipe was sourced from one of the most elegant royal palaces of Rajasthan. It is a creamy smooth beverage,
spiced with a finely balanced blend of aromatics that instantly charm and refresh.

In India today, everybody drinks chai at any time of the day or night. Wherever you go, on every railway station,
alongside every busy road – you’ll find the ‘chai wallahs’ plying their trade.

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